Think about what you really want

A friend of mine sent her 5-year-old off to kindergarten the other day with mixed feelings. At pick-up, instead of a running child headed for her mom’s open arms, she got a cool wave and a “Hi, Mom. I had a great day!” I said to her, “Isn’t that what you wanted? To love kindergarten and be OK with the big girl stuff?” Of course she did. But it was the first time in the five years of her child’s life that it was obvious that her daughter was truly growing up. And there was nothing she could do to stop it. Are there times in your day-to-day business world where you clearly want a certain outcome, but are then a bit sad when it actually happens? Perhaps it’s a valued customer whom you have worked with for years and have always wanted to see excel; yet when he gets that promotion, you end up with a new contact person and have to start from scratch with your new contact. Maybe you have been waiting for a new product to sell because you have the ideal complementing service for it, and when it arrives, you actually can’t handle the volume of sales coming in the door. Although things went how you had hoped, the reality felt much different than what you anticipated. Business throws you curve balls. The trick is to know when to swing at the right pitch and then being OK with the consequences.


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