Don’t overdo your upsell

A certain satellite company isn’t reading its signal right. I recently found out that before the end of the year, I must contact my satellite company to have them swap out my existing satellite dish for a new one, free of charge; otherwise, I will lose many of my traditional stations. To me, this notification seemed like a simple one. All I had to do was call, give the special “free” promo code so I didn’t have to pay for the service call, and schedule the appointment. So that’s what I did. The customer service rep was nice enough, scheduling my appointment easily and convenient to my schedule. But just when I thought I was done with my free upgrade – the selling started. At first, it was the offer of three free months of Starz movies, which I wouldn’t have to proactively cancel when the three months was up. Then, in addition to the free movies, she asked if I’d like to get the NFL channel. “After all,” she said. “Who doesn’t love football?” Maybe me? I politely declined, she closed the call, and I was on my way. However, the same evening I received a call from another representative who was extremely cheery, asking if, for just $6 more a month, would I like to receive ALL the movie channels AND the NFL channel? “After all,” he said. “I know you love to watch movies.” Actually, I don’t. “Well, what about the football then,” he said. “It’s the season, everyone watches football.” Really? I politely declined both but this guy was persistent. The problem was, he was trying to upsell something to me acting as though (based on his pitch) that he knew what I wanted – which he clearly didn’t. I politely declined again and he continued talking right over me. So, you guessed it, I hung up. Upselling is a great too to use with your customers to offer them value-added items to complement their existing products and services that they purchase from you. The key is knowing what your customers want and need so you don’t hear a click from the other end.


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