Are you babbling?

A new study from the marketing analytics firm, Pear Analytics, says more than 40 percent of marketers are on Twitter. Recent findings show that while marketers are using this microblogging site to “connect” with customers and vendors, and supposedly offering information that is valuable and meaningful to their products and brands, they are talking more about what they ate for lunch and how many times their new baby had a wet diaper than they are about anything meaningful. Actually, only around 8 percent of those tweeting are actually providing any value or information of relevance. Hopefully, your tweets are at least conversational, as nearly 38 percent of them are. Those are the threads that start with the @ symbol. But ideally, you’re in that 8.7 percent of “retweets,” which means that someone has deemed that your information or insight is valuable enough to pass along. That is where the value of Twitter lies for you. So stop babbling and starting thinking hard about what those 140 characters might say.


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