Ditch the Superlatives and Become Transparent

You are not the best. You do not have the most diverse inventory. You are not the biggest VAR. And if you are any of these things, you better have substantial proof to back up the claim. You see, by making claims that you’re bigger, better, offer X, Y and Z more than anyone else, you’re setting yourself up for someone to actually come in and prove you wrong. Be humble. If you are truly the best, you shouldn’t need to say it or put it in writing. If you are the biggest, let your territory or inventory speak for itself. In today’s recession you must become genuine and transparent with your customers. Be honest. Speak with sincerity. Listen. Actually care. Imagine that? Caring for your customers and your vendors as opposed to trying to snag the next sale. Imagine what your customers would think if you actually behaved like this. I bet you’d actually see a whole lot more revenue pretty darn quick.

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