Finding the Path to the InBox

If you’re a Super VAR, then I’m sure you’re using an opt-in program for all of your email marketing. Instead of mass marketing to purchased email lists or simply “grabbing” lists from other sources, you understand the value of creating relationships with leads who would actually want to do business with you for all the right reasons. You can meet and exceed their needs. You have a distinctive value proposition that sets you apart from the rest. So when people opt-in to your list, you feel confident that they are receiving and benefiting from your emails and information. After all, they were the ones that chose to join your list. You’re not blanketing the world. But in a recent report by Return Path, more than 20 percent of opt-in emails never make it to the recipient’s inbox. It may end up in the Junk or Bulk email folders and some are simply not delivered at all. Much of this has to do with certain ISPs, many of which are the free email ISPs like Google’s gmail, Hotmail and MSN. So how do you reach the people who want you to reach out to them? You can provide a double opt-in which will increase your chances of making it through to the final destination. Ask your customers to provide you an email address that is not coming from a free source. And don’t rely solely on your email list to keep in touch with your customers. One to one email conversations, and yes, even the old-fashioned telephone call are still just as important to building relationships with your customers.


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