Value Versus Price – What do you offer?

You get what you pay for. We all live by this creed to some degree, and so do your customers. However, it’s your job to convince them of that. In this fledging economy, more and more customers are shopping price versus value and that mindset just may be what costs you the sale. You’ve got to take control of the conversation, make a 180° in your customer’s mind, and get them to start thinking about value more and price less. The only way to do that is to show them how doing business with you will ultimately affect their bottom line. Point out the advantages like reducing overtime hours, inventory mistakes, and shipping and picking errors. Demonstrate how much more of your product your customers will sell to the end user and show them the numbers. When your customer begins to see the value of doing business with you, they’ll quickly discover that the cost of doing business with you is more than worth it. Become an educator and help them to realize those benefits and you’ll both prosper.


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