Social media: Why not use it to connect with your partners?

These days, companies of all sizes have turned to social media for connecting with their customer base. It’s cheap (free, most of the time), contemporary, and has a broader and stronger reach than most traditional advertising methods can now claim. But what about using it to connect with your partners—and your internal team—in new and exciting ways?

Think about how you can use social media for training purposes. In the old days, there were training videos that employees gathered around and watched, bored, in a little room. Today there are blogs, podcasts, and online video. Instead of maintaining the same expensive training programs you’ve had in place for years, use social media for what it was made for: engaging people, getting the word out.

Some of this training could be extended to your partners in similar ways, but have you also thought about creating a community board or site where partners can interact with you and each other? While this won’t always work (some partners are competitors, after all), giving them the option to communicate with each other and share strategies for marketing and selling your product has far-reaching benefits for everyone involved.

By using social media to inform and engage with your team, you’ll likely save money, gain satisfaction, and learn new and better techniques to maintain a profitable partnership.


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