Social media designed specifically for the channel? Why not!

By now, you’re probably more than familiar with the most popular social media and social networking sites: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, and so on. You may even be involved in some or all of these sites (and if you’re not, you should consider jumping on the bandwagon!). But have you heard of social networking sites designed specifically for channel relationships? is a site that’s evolved to one geared toward partner-to-partner networking. Partnerpedia began as a portal open to everyone in the channel and was made for transferring information down from vendor to partner to end-user. But, according to, Partnerpedia execs “saw an opportunity to complement [its partner portals] with the latest in social media that augmented a new way of communication” for partners of all sizes. The site offers both a free, open community and a private community for vendor partner networks. Membership for the latter is less than $1,000 per month.

Some members of the site say that they’ve actually saved money by joining Partnerpedia, because they no longer have to blindly tread into pricey trade shows or networking events to meet like-minded people. Other users say that relationships formed through Partnerpedia have actually developed into profitable partnerships.

What social networking sites do you currently use? Would you consider paying for membership for a site like Partnerpedia? Why or why not?


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