Sharing links on Facebook

Social networking over takes email as a communication method.

It appears that Facebook has actually overtaken email as the number one means for sharing links, according to a recent article in In fact, social networking in general is taking over as the primary communication method, outdoing traditional email, based on a report from Nielsen in March 2009. The study said that nearly 67% of Internet users are actually choosing social networking or blogging sites to connect with people, as compared to about 65% of those choosing email as their main medium. While social networking is just slightly taking over email usage, what the findings do suggest is that social networking sites like Facebook can provide multiple layers of communication methods, versus a standard email message. Widgets, video, photo, and link sharing are just the beginning. Unlike email, social networking allows you to position yourself as a resource and thought leader, by taking advantage of posting news articles, video clips, podcasts, and useful links to other sources. If you haven’t done so already, seek out a way to integrate social networking into your marketing mix. Pick two or three sites and create a strategy and month-by-month plan with topics and themes you want to focus on. Then start communicating! Before you know it, you’ll be building relationships with a whole new community!


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