How transparent marketing works

We keep hearing how business owners, managers, marketers and the like need to be more transparent with their customers. What does this mean? That they need to tell the truth. I always find that concept ironic because if you’re an honest business person, wouldn’t you want to always be telling the truth anyway? But when it comes to marketing, you’d be amazed at how the truth gets stretched a bit here and pulled a bit there to the point the truth is buried deep in the middle of the message, but is clouded by vague words, superlatives, unreachable promises, and a bit of deception. For this reason, marketing in general has earned a bad rep all of these years. So if so few people pay attention to marketing messages, what’s the antidote? How do we really get people to listen to our message in order to encourage them to purchase from us? A short article by Kristina Knight on basically said to get rid of the “goop.” I like that thought. If information in an ad is not completely accurate, strike it. Ditch vague words and those adjectives that don’t say much. Include specific facts. And the hardest of all – admit your weaknesses. Tell the truth. As some say, “the truth will set you free.”


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