When should you update your Facebook page?

If you have set up a brand page on Facebook to attract fans, when do you typically post status updates? If you’re posting quickly at the end of the week on Friday, or from the comforts of home on Saturday (because you “forgot” to post this week), you’re wasting your time. According to an emarketer.com article, statistics from social media services vendor Virtue show that Tuesday is the best day to update your Facebook page. With an average click-through rate of nearly 10 percent on Tuesdays (followed by a close-second-Wednesday), your chances of having your fans click-through to pages and information are much greater than on any other day of the week. It makes sense. Monday is typically the day people go through their email from the weekend, organize themselves for the week, create their to-do lists and prepare to stay on task for the week. Tuesday and Wednesday are the days when you’re in the thick of it, strategizing and implementing new ideas – or looking for them. So you’re going to log on to your Facebook account more toward the middle of the week to “check in” and see what’s happening. By Friday, you’re winding down your work week or scrambling to meet last minute deadlines (which leaves you no time for FB browsing). Build a plan around your social media strategies. Save 10 minutes in your schedule on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to pop in an informational and benefits-driven post on your Facebook brand page. Then track the results and see how you do. Who wants to work on the weekend anyway?


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