Don’t leave your customers hanging

My iPod has been acting up a bit, but I figured I could troubleshoot it myself. I browsed through the Help pull-down menu, but my problem wasn’t listed there. I went online to Apple’s website and perused the tutorials list and troubleshooting tips, again to no avail. So I finally found the technical support number and placed the call. A nice automated man told me my wait time would be about 15 minutes. That’s OK. A lot of people own iPods. What was not OK was when my call, so carefully in the rotation, was dropped. Then the nice automated man came on again and told me that technical support hours were from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time. Ironically, it was now 10 past the hour, in my time zone. I had called just minutes before the hour, not knowing that tech support stopped at a certain time. The nice automated man never told me that before he put me in the cue for support. If I had been standing in line at a tech support desk in a store, would they have kicked me out of the store at closing time without helping me? No. Just because your services are automated does not mean customer service rules change.


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