Everything reflects your brand

In the world of viral marketing, everything affects your brand. That can be a positive or a negative depending on how you harness the information you put out there – and how you write and edit it. We talk a lot about using white papers and articles as a way to get customers and leads to opt-in to an e-newsletter. Or how important regular blog posts can be. Or how social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can build your brand. But just “doing” these viral tactics isn’t enough. You must think about them, and create clean, edited, readable copy. Otherwise, your efforts are for naught. A typo or sentence that sounds simply bizarre will turn your reader away with a quick click. If you write your own blogs, status updates, or tweets, make sure you proofread your copy carefully, or hire an editor to do so for you. Remember, everything that you post to the Web will “live” there for life until you take it down or delete it. That means that a blog post with four typos from two months ago may still be crawling with spiders. Perhaps a vendor or partner has an automatic link to your blog. The same holds true for posting a comment on someone else’s blog, creating a viral video, or linking to an online review. Think about how you network at a business function. You don’t appear in a bathing suit and sunglasses. While these online networking resources may “feel” casual, they are still part of the marketing mix and need to have a professional touch.


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