Try something new in your routine today

A friend of mine is an avid reader – and a writer by profession. The other day when I was telling her about my grueling schedule, she asked me what I was doing for myself. Well, my work was me. Watching my business flourish and being a resource to so many fantastic channel partners was for me. I told her it makes me feel good to be able to help others. She bluntly told me that none of that was for me, it was for my business – and my channel partners. While we continue to be in such a competitive environment where every step, every business decision, really, really counts, we tend to take less time for ourselves because we feel we have to devote all of our time to “the cause.” Her new M.O? She starts each day reading for a half an hour. It might be a novel she’s wanted to dive into or it could be one of the many business books she wants to read but can’t find the time. Regardless, she says it’s her time to sit with her coffee and simply read – sometimes for pleasure and sometimes for pleasure and business, depending on what she’s reading. So… what are you doing for yourself today to keep you energized and alive for your business and your customers?


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