Preparing a partner marketing tool kit just got easier

I recently posted about the benefits of partner marketing versus simply providing your channel partners with tired collateral materials and old ads (link to “How to increase your product sales by investing in channel partners’ success”) to use with their logo. One great way to up the odds of a successful partnership is to provide your channel partners with a partner marketing toolkit.

The idea is for the toolkit to explain why you suggest and prefer some marketing tactics to others. The outcome: Your channel partner feels like a real partner, rather than a business whose vendors constantly force marketing ideas upon it. Try including the following in your partner marketing kit:

  • Co-marketing materials that provide appropriate customization capabilities, while staying true to your unique message and approach
  • Marketing plans (which can be simple) that include ROI tools, a close loop process, and the opportunity for feedback
  • “Best of breed” education—think webinars and articles—to help partners understand the benefits you provide

Be wary, however, of providing marketing resource support that channel partners can perceive as too restrictive. That could have the opposite effect of your desired intentions for successful partner marketing—namely, more leads, stronger ROI, and increased loyalty to your brand.


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