Make it easy for your channel partners to sell your product

No product stands alone; there is always a story behind it, and it’s that story that sells the product. To be successful with channel partner marketing, you must make sure that your channel partners know the story of your product at least as well as you do. One way you can do this is by handing the product to your channel partner along with an in-depth information kit. A good product information kit might contain:

  • A thorough market awareness component. Going back to the importance of knowing your customer base (link to “Marketing: It’s all about the end user!”), provide your channel partner with a list of targeted end-user companies (including their NAISC codes), specific buyers (by title), buyers’ purchasing influences, and their preferred media (magazines, blogs, social media, etc.). Be as specific as possible, as this information will be the heart of the marketing strategy.
  • Scripts. Give your channel partners the tools to address questions from their customers by providing them with concise, clear answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). If your product is highly specialized, consider providing your partners with a glossary of commonly used terms. You might also consider including a video roll playing the sales cycle.
  • Sample partner marketing campaigns. Your channel partners can use these as a base and build on them to create more customized campaigns.

Remember—the idea behind a product information kit is to give your channel partners the full story of your product. With such an invaluable tool, they’ll spend less time researching the customer base (and trying to learn about the product!) and more time creating campaigns that close sales.

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