Don’t forget the middle name in channel partner marketing

There’s a reason that channel partnerships are so desirable. Two entities come together and complement one another with their unique strengths. As a result, both sides win! The vendor gets a dedicated reseller who is motivated to sell. The reseller gets the support of a vendor who is committed to making the sales effort more effortless.

So why is it then that so many vendors and VARs miss the key component to the successful relationship? They forget that “partner” is the middle name here. I don’t see enough vendors and VARs working in synch to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

The vendors need to step up to the plate and be more forthcoming with innovative marketing ideas, turnkey promotions, and better communication to support their resellers attempts to sell more product. They should proactively connect with their VARs, helping them to achieve greater success. Turn the under-performers into stellar sellers.

The VARs should take more initiative to extract greater resources from the vendors. Ask for their help. Examine potential for opening more accounts, entering new market niches, and cross-selling across product lines. Seek out MDFs to pay for these marketing programs. Team up with the vendor-partner to meet the challenges of the marketplace and to find the end-to-end solutions that end-users need, want, and pay for!

There are technology vendor-VAR relationships out there that can gain tremendous value by being nurtured. It’s time to stop talking about being a channel partner and start living up to the responsibility that goes with it.


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