The need for more baskets

As you continue to develop relationships with your partners, inevitably you’re going to find one or two whom you simply click easily with. Those connections that develop naturally over time because of common goals or values will be the ones in which you’ll want to invest most of your time. However, as the saying goes, do not pull all of your eggs in one basket. While it’s important to develop relationships that are dependable and reliable, you simply don’t know what the future will bring. What if that one vendor you sunk your heart and soul into goes out of business? Perhaps another partner offered products and services of use to you for a very long time, and has now decided not to carry them any more. Where do these situations leave you? Quite possibly, without a back-up. Nurture multiple eggs. Seek out diverse partners that can offer a variety of ideas and services to complement what you are doing. And while you can’t be everything to all people, creating a diversified channel will allow you to prosper over the long haul.


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