Sell solutions, not products

Once upon a time, resellers sold the products that were available from their vendors. They pushed features and benefits. And all was right with the world.

That’s history. In the here and now, customers don’t care about specific products. Forget about the cool features that once closed the deals. Today’s end-users have zoomed in on finding answers to problems, and they’re looking for VARs who can deliver those solutions. You can’t walk into your customer’s workplace and spread out an array of products that are popular in the industry. Pack up those cookie cutters and connect with the end-user in a one-on-one discussion. Focus on the needs and then craft the solution. Go back to your vendors and tell them what you need, rather than pick items off their inventory list. Let your vendors support your critical need to be the problem-solver for your customers.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve got a prospect with outdated technology and a limited budget that won’t cover the ideal system. Do you sell them a cheaper version that doesn’t quite suit the client’s needs or, worse yet, fail to close a deal at all? If you do that, you risk losing this buyer to another vendor who can better serve both sides of the equation (cost + features). So, here’s what you do. Go back to your vendor and see if you can arrange for a trade-up from the more cost-effective system to the ideal option. This gives you not one, but two guaranteed sales, and a grateful client who sees that you are a resourceful, customer-centric VAR.

Take some time today to go through your database and identify customers who might need a problem-solver. Spend a little time working your database and you’ll likely unearth some unexpected sales and strengthen every relationship you encounter.


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