Who’s your buddy?

We all have a best friend – someone who sticks by you through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad, to laugh and cry with. This person will sing the highest of praises about you and turn your faults into nothing. He will be brutally honest with you, but in a constructive sort of way. She knows you inside and out and is always there to lift you up and toot your horn or, on the flip side, let you know that that orange dress really doesn’t look that great on you. So I ask you – who is your buddy? What partner, customer, or vendor do you work with who you would dare to call your “business” best friend? Is there someone who has complete faith and loyalty in what you do, but will also be completely honest when one of your products or services falls short? Work with your best friend to brainstorm new ideas, get a pulse on the industry from a different perspective, or even showcase trial programs and ideas. Share your marketing ideas. Partner together to execute some of the programs. Ask your buddy to help you be accountable about your partnership. There are many ways to nurture this friendship – and you just may have a best friend for life.


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