Execute, Execute, Execute – NOW

A recent post by Mark Schaefer highlights a critical area in marketing today – A need for speed. One of the biggest changes to how we market today is the need to create an organization that can be reactive and fast. While there will always be a place for traditional research and long-term planning, the real-time nature of the web provides an unprecedented opportunity to detect and react to subtle shifts in opinion, customer needs, competitor activities and new product and service opportunities. Creating a corporate culture of rapid response is one of the greatest challenges facing CMOs today.

Clear victory goes to the folks who are closest to the customer (end user or channel – ideally both) who sees the trends, understands (or has ideas) on what recent competitive moves or world issues mean and how to maximize the situation to increase sales and the brand.   This is the benefit of the Web – we can try new things instantly (also challenging) and then change course when new information or response is obtained. 

Using “white space”, ideas and market awareness are key along with urgency and courage to try something and keep adjusting as the market needs.   There’s still a place for “protect and defend” or “traditional research and plan” approaches – companies that can move forward faster typically have higher sales and market position.   Basically – have a firm understanding of your business and then apply urgency and ideas to try new things and adjust as new information is gathered.

In Summary:
Yesterday:  Think – plan – do
Today:  do – do – do

Read the original piece here.


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