Ignite Your Passion – New eBook

Last year, a colleague was sharing her vision / passion for a book she was developing, something that would help inspire others to ignite their inner voice and encourage readers to find their passion.  April has completed her book.

“You owe it to yourself to find your focus in life that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.”

April M. Williams

Please take a moment to explore this book and see if there are insights that would help you find your inner voice or spark that helps you achieve even greater success in whatever work ignites your passion.  April has impressive professional results showcasing how she’s spreading the word about passion and helping others find theirs. 

“Ignite Your Passion” is now available for download.  Go here to view / order your eBook today:  http://cyberlifetutors.com/IgniteYourPassion.htm or the shorter link bit.ly/IgniteYourPassion.  Get 5% off this eBook or other items using this coupon code Le5Ord3r11 

Note: I’m a contributing author. 

Feedback is always welcome.



7 thoughts on “Ignite Your Passion – New eBook

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