Free eBook by Marketing Guru Seth Godin

You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a big Seth Godin fan.  If you’ve had a taste of some of his blog entries, you know that his style and his insight are empowering, jump starting ideas in your own brain. “Purple Cow” made us rethink our individuality and understand what it means to be “remarkable”. “The Dip” was a wake-up call to the value of effort and knowing when to walk away from a futile effort. And  in “Tribes”, Godin has written the handbook on the power of connectivity and bringing people together for a common goal, He is also the author of the most downloaded  eBook in history, “Unleashing the Ideavirus,” which was published in paperback in 2001. So if you’ve never read a book by Seth or didn’t realize you missed out on this historical eBook, it’s not too late to download it now!


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