Sell benefits to avoid price negotiations.

There is nothing worse than strutting your dog-and-pony show only to have your customer say, “I just don’t think I can afford it.” First of all, if you’re getting this response, you haven’t demonstrated enough value to overcome the price objection. Next, it’s your job to show your customer that he can’t afford not to afford it. Today more than ever, our customers are challenging us to drop our prices in order to meet their financial needs in this tough economy. The easy way out for you is to allow this price negotiating to happen. But the more prosperous, albeit it harder, way to handle the scenario is to guide your customer away from pricing and show how your product or service will actually affect his company and its bottom line. Will new software reduce or eliminate the keystroke mistakes in inventory counts? What about new labeling that gets rid of miships and lost inventory? How much profitability does your customer lose with these occurrences day in and day out? If the net gain is visible in the bottom line, then isn’t there value in the products and services you are providing? Tangible value that can be discovered in dollars and cents? It’s time to crunch some numbers, to educate your customers and to show them the real value in doing business with you. It’s time to let them know it’s not about the sticker price anymore.


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