Who do you want to lead?

Author and marketing guru Seth Godin’s book, Tribes, discusses the ways in which you can create your own tribe—a group of followers (like-minded people) of which you are the leader. In the early days of technology, a tribe might have been a group of businesses like a chamber of commerce, where people with a shared interest or goal came together individually to support the growth of the business community. But typically, one business owner stood out with strong ideas, insightful leadership, and the ability to lead the group successfully. That leader would present an idea, find those who share a passion for that idea, and then empower the group to succeed in bringing that idea to fruition. Today, we can do the same with the power of social networking—and our tribe can be so much larger than the local business community. Think about who you would want in your tribe. Find them in your existing customer database or search for them online. Encourage new tribe members to seek other others to follow. Present your idea. Believe in your passion. Become a leader with social networking.

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