Are you socializing for fun or business?

If you’re having fun on Facebook or MySpace—connecting with old college friends or a high school soccer coach and trading stories in preparation for your 25th high school reunion, I’m sure it’s fun. But is it helping move your business goals forward successfully? More and more people are catching on to the marketing benefits of social networking—however, they’re walking a fine line when it comes to mixing business with pleasure. Do customers really care that your pet rabbit learned to use the litter box or your teenage daughter said please more than once in a given day? While these may be fun little tidbits about your daily life, they do not belong on your status updates if you’re using your social network sites for business. What does belong are appropriate personal information that make someone want to do business with you. People do business with people, not companies. Add a photo of yourself to your profile. Keep the tone and content of your posts similar to your interactions at a social mixer: friendly yet informational. Offer insights to new trends. Post links. Start a thread that evokes comments. But keep your personal and professional lives separate.

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