Are we over email?

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the answer is “yes”. And who rules now? You guessed it. Folks are using social networking much more than traditional email these days to communicate and keep in touch with friends, business colleagues, and customers. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites are booming just like email did more than 10 years ago. It makes sense. With emails, sometimes hundreds of them, landing in an inbox daily, it’s no wonder people want to be a part of a community instead of having a clogged inbox. But with that said, there are still many people out there, including your customers, who prefer to communicate via email instead of posting on your wall or following your tweets. Why? Because it’s not only personal, it’s also private. Unless you’re writing on someone’s Facebook wall or have practically the world blocked on Twitter, many, many people will read your posts. So which tool do you put your sweat equity into? Both. It’s your job to determine how customers would like to communicate with you. It’s called knowing your customer and then engaging with them through the medium they like the most—despite what the Wall Street Journal says.

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