Perception versus reality

Despite the fact that email marketing campaigns still delivers the best results, more than a quarter of marketing folks believe that social media has shown the most grab on the customer in the past year, according to a survey by Alterian that was mentioned in a recent article. So despite the reality of better ROI with email, many are latching on to the perception that social media – think Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr – will continue to grow and be a more popular medium in the marketing mix. Buying into a new delivery system for your messaging can be tough without proven results, but there is no question that social media is at least offering marketers – and VARS like you – a way of reconnecting with customers in a different way. Email is the communication norm now. Some even believe 24 hours is too long to wait to respond to an email message. Social media is new. It’s different. It offers a unique perspective – and perception – of something that might work well to connect and communicate. Don’t ditch your email efforts as they are clearly doing the job, but make sure you’re on the social media bandwagon before it becomes the norm, too.

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