Why are you reading this?

I would love to know! Is it because you are looking for tidbits of information about a particular marketing subject? Could it be you need new ideas to implement for your sales force? Has your customer service team lacked a bit of love toward your customers lately? Whatever the reason, you are visiting this blog—and probably many others like it—to find something useful that you can apply to your business. What about your own blog? How do you draw readers in? Is it compelling content, crafty headlines, or savvy copywriting? Remember, while your ramblings may seem interesting to you, your readers are searching for something that they can take away—a freebie. Something to make their life easier, help their businesses run smoother, or increase sales. Keep these ideas in mind as you write your blogs, and remember that your readers—your customers, vendors, and even employees—are like you. You share ideas in the same industry. You most likely encounter the same pitfalls and the same victories in some shape or form. Let your blogs speak to your readers like you know them—you understand their lives. Draw them in. Give them something to think about. And then offer up the free tip or other desirable goodie that not only sends them successfully on their way, but also keeps them returning for more.


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