Why you should—and shouldn’t—care what other people think

In the new marketing environment, a good way to learn what others are saying about you is to put your company name, or your own name, into Google or other search engine and see what pops up in the results. You can create news alerts and have these searches automatically sent to your inbox. And yes, it is important to keep a pulse on what the multitude is saying about you because, if it’s negative, then you’ll need to quickly address the noisy chatter. But at what point do you decide you don’t care what other people say or think about you? What if competitors are encouraging negative chatter because they feel threatened by your force within the industry? If you’re so focused on what you want to accomplish—your true goals— you can look past all obstacles, including some negativity. In today’s world, you must walk a fine line between understanding what comments are important to successfully running your day-to-day business and which online conversations may actually trip you up and hold you back from succeeding long term. It’s your job to determine where to expel your energy, and then give it all you’ve got.

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