Good Bye 2009

As FY09 comes to a close … it’s time to reflect and a time to look back and take action on our go forward plans.  This is an excerpt from a leader I know and thought it said it perfectly.

As we turn the page closing the book on 2009 take time to reflect on the good and not so good.  The good moments we had for ourselves, family and friends that will be stored in our memories for a lifetime.  You know the big and small events that made us cry, laugh and even scream with excitement and joy.  The not so good that brought us challenges beyond our strengths you know the ones we thought we could not endure only to find out we could and did!

When we open a new book, the pages are crisp and the crackling sound of each turning page make us eager to keep turning the pages wanting to read each word slowing soaking in its meaning and adventures.  The same is true as we step into this New Year 2010, WoW!  

I am looking forward to the new adventures, setting new goals and reaching new heights in FY10.

Also, take a look at the top 5 blog posts and top 5 articles – both based on reader views. 

Top 5 Blogs

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The Top 5 Articles

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How to Become an Innovative Thinker


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