For End-Users, Internet Blurs the Line Between Vendor and Reseller

Here’s a statistic that may surprise you: According to a Forrester Technographics survey of almost 9,000 end-users, 80 percent of them visited a vendor’s website as part of the purchase process. The Internet has changed the game for the channel, and end-users seeking more details about a product are empowered to go to the source—the vendor.

The implications of this are clear: While resellers are the definitive last link between the product and end-user, vendors are a more visible part of the chain than they might realize. This means that extra effort should be invested into developing an online presence that provides end-users with the valuable information they’re seeking.

  • Superior product information

No one knows more about your product than you do. That’s why end-users go to your website—for more details and specs than resellers often provide. Ensure that your product information is up-to-date and understandable, if it’s highly technical or specialized.

  • Partner details

The Forrester Technographics survey indicated that 79 percent of end-users rely on manufacturer websites for product pricing and information on where to buy. Think about providing each partner with an individual page that features that partner’s unique messaging, as well as your own.

  • Technical support

After a purchase, end-users often don’t discriminate between manufacturer and reseller when they need troubleshooting, installation help, or other support. It’s important that your website include enough technical support (or the contact information of the partner that can provide it) to justify the end-user’s purchase.


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