How Are Your Partners Contributing To Your Value Proposition?

The point of investing in a channel is so that your partners add to your value proposition by meeting end-users’ needs. This frees you up to continue adding, developing, and improving products. But after a while, the channel can get stale. Vendors and partners settle into a status quo, and vendors forget to ask how partners are meeting that original goal of adding to the value proposition. Here are a few areas in which your partners should be excelling:

  • Finding, communicating with, and selling to end-users
  • Implementing or installing the product
  • Providing local technical support, either by phone or in person
  • Integrating complementary products for a full solution
  • Raising awareness of and growing your brand

Essentially, your partners should enhance and complement your value. If their marketing strategy, messaging, or communication techniques aren’t in line with your own, they may be doing more harm than good. It’s crucial that you communicate openly and frequently with partners to ensure that you’re both working toward the same goal in ways that are in synch with your value proposition.


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