How to Dramatically Improve End-User Response Time

While vendors create and improve products to meet end-users’ needs, it’s the reseller’s daunting task to communicate the convenience and value these products can offer. Developing leads takes significant time, effort, and investment, and converting those leads into paying customers is never a guarantee. For resellers with average success rates, it takes up to five calls to a lead just to receive one call back.

Best-in-class solution providers achieve a much higher success rate—often, three calls or less, according to the Institute of Partner Education and Development (IPED). They do this by gathering knowledge and information prior to the call and then consistently asking the right questions and making the right points during the conversatiom.

  • Research and analyze end-users’ individual issues—This should be done prior to contact so that resellers can be ready to offer a valuable solution or insight in the first communication.
  • Talk numbers—It’s important that resellers are able to give leads an approximate financial benefit on the first call. Prospective end-users feel hedging or hesitation, which instantly lowers the chance of a purchase.
  • Spell out the advantages—Communicate how the product will elevate the end-user above the competition. This crucial selling point should be accurately and immediately referenced.

By implementing these tips, resellers can be on their way to increased sales sooner than ever.


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