Why Bother with Social Media?

To some businesspeople, “social media” is all about tweeting on Twitter, posting an occasional blog entry, and perusing message boards to see if anyone is talking about their company or their products. They wonder, what’s the real point of these efforts? Why bother?

In reality, successful social media is much more thoughtful and strategic than just jotting down a few thoughts and tossing them into cyber space. When done correctly, a social media strategy can have a positive impact on your brand—and your bottom line. Consider these statistics:

  • Among online U.S. adults, 75% are active online social participators. (Forrester 2008)
  • Globally, 67% of users visit online communities, and 10% of all time online is spent on social media sites. (Econsultancy 2009)
  • Social networks and blogs are even more popular than email, earning a spot as the fourth most popular online activities. (Econsultancy 2009)

It’s clear that people are going online to participate in social media, so it makes sense for businesses to be there as well to connect with those people. In fact, not putting enough information online could cost your company money! A 2008 study by Allurent found that lack of online product information cost online businesses as many as 67% of customers.

With statistics like these, companies stand to profit from social media efforts if they’re willing implement a thoughtful strategy to remain relevant and connected to consumers.


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