Social Media: Start with What You Know

Businesses that are considering implementing a social media strategy to boost ROI can be held back by the assumption that, to be successful, they have to drastically alter their current business strategies. Not true!

Instead, these companies should explore social media by starting with what they know and by staying true to their existing image, brand, and philosophies. They must then follow through with a sincere representation of what they already stand for, since social media is all about making genuine connections. If you’re a straight-shooting, sophisticated organization, using social media to present yourself as a cheeky, slang-loving organization will confuse those already familiar with you, and it will turn off those who see the huge disconnect between your social media persona and your company website. So, never assume that you have to change who you are to “fit in” with social media. All you have to do is remain genuine.

Using what you already know can also help you enter the social media world. As a company, you already know your unique selling proposition, your target audience, your customers’ concerns and your talking points. All of these things can (and should) be incorporated into your online conversations to ensure that you always present a consistent image. This powerful combination—consistency and sincerity—gives you a foundation that can lead to impressive ROI.


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