4 Steps to Help Measure Social Media ROI

To create and measure a social media campaign, start with a clear plan in front of you.

  1. Set your goals

You shouldn’t start a social media campaign without determining exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Perhaps you want to alleviate a common concern, establish yourself as an industry thought leader, improve customer service, or generate buzz about a new product. Once you know which behavior(s) you’re trying to change and/or what you’re expecting to achieve, put that into measurable, time-sensitive missions. Example: Get five bloggers to write about New Product X in the next six months.

  1. Gather current data

As the “before” part of before-and-after data, gather as much information as you can about the current social media landscape. How many people are currently talking about New Product X on Twitter, for example? You may also want to send out a poll to gauge people’s assumptions about or attitudes toward your product.

  1. Choose tools to use

To link ROI to social media, use tracking tools such as promotion codes, Google Analytics campaigns to track origination, tracking links such at bit.ly URLs, etc.

  1. Record your activity

As your campaign continues, keep a careful timeline of your efforts. When did Blogger B post her entry about New Product X? When did you start your campaign on Twitter? Knowing the timeline of these events will help you overlay your efforts with traffic spikes, high sale days, and other changes that occurred during the campaign—all of which help attribute ROI to social media.


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