Tips For Writing Killer Blog Posts

It’s easy to try to sound as though you are the leader to top all leadership when you write your blogs. Here’s a tip: don’t try so hard. Your blogs, just like your new marketing efforts, should be transparent. They need to be honest and come from the heart (or the mind, depending on the subject). Yes, they must reveal something unique, new, or thought provoking. Killer blogs are killer because they keep the reader coming back for more—readers simply can’t get enough of them. But if you’re just starting to blog, here are a few simple tips: keep your blogs short and simple. Incomplete sentences are OK (oh, the horror!). Write what’s on your mind, not the thought that you’ve edited down into correct grammatical form for print (but, please steer clear of typos, and you do need to know a little bit about basic English). Use short words, be clear and concise, and after writing “tight,” go back and edit so that the writing is even tighter. This will allow you to come full circle to the original tip of keeping blogs short and simple. You’re not writing a dissertation, folks, nor bidding for the next Pulitzer. But you are providing ideas and content that should spark emotion and a response (or at the least a ponder) from your audience. As they say at NIKE, “Just Do It!”

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