Get valuable info from your under-performing partners, too!

Like a parent focusing and rewarding only the best-behaved children, it can be tempting to focus your communication primarily on your best-performing partners. But, to continue the metaphor, it’s often the misbehaving kids that have the most insightful feedback for parents—feedback that is missed by playing favorites. The moral is that you should establish a partner feedback best practice by looking equally to all partners.

Historically, it hasn’t always been practical for companies to collect and analyze data from all partners. Now, however, it’s far more feasible. Separate your partners into four tiers, by thirds and then segregate the bottom 10%. Then survey them all, rather than concentrate your efforts on top performers. From the feedback, you could:

  • Measure the quality of and improve your channel support programs, as well as marketing, products, and services as your partners perceive them.
  • Determine which products, services, and partner programs result in the most partner satisfaction and revenue.
  • Invest in previously untapped areas of your business that could result in better partner productivity and increased revenue.

You might be surprised by how much of the most useful feedback comes from your under-performers!


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