Video as a Marketing Tool

Let’s face it. We’re a visual society. People don’t want to read anything at length. Get to the point. Give me an executive summary so that I don’t have to pore through the many pages you spent countless hours compiling them.  It makes sense that video should be your “go to” marketing vehicle, particularly in light of the ease with which you can create, upload, and share them with a worldwide audience.

Yes, video makes sense, but it still seems to scare people. Either they fear that their video will look amateur or they have no idea how to leverage it to get views by their desired audience. Luckily, both have simple solutions. I bought a Flip Mino, a handheld camcorder that is about the size of an iPod. In spite of its compact size, the Mino has high-definition capability. And once you’ve recorded your video on this handy little gadget, it plugs right into your computer, making it simple to download. From there, you can upload the video to your site, YouTube, your blog and social networking sites.

The Flip CamerasI was so excited by this ease that I developed a contest for resellers. They each received a free Flip; all they had to do was to create a short video that showcased their success story in working with their vendor. No strings attached. And they could keep the camera afterwards.

There was some pushback within the company. The non-believers thought the resellers wouldn’t bite, the videos would be lousy, and the value of these testimonials would be limited. For those of you who have read my blog or my book on naysayers (“Just Say Yes!”), you know that I have zero patience for the critics and skeptics of the world. And I was thrilled to see that one of my favorite marketing minds, David Meerman Scott (author of “World Wide Rave” and “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” two must-read books) shared my opinion in a recent blog post.

We are in an age where people want authenticity and transparency. You don’t need a slick video to convey your message. Just tell your story. Sit in front of a camera and talk to your viewers. Be genuine. And invite them into your world by encouraging them to create more videos. You might even want to create a video version of your blog! Not only are you improving your communication channel, but you are also demonstrating that you are on the cutting edge of technology, a key trait of a thought leader!

Put a video camera on the top of your wish list and start experimenting.


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