Three fresh ways to use video in marketing

Today, one of the best ways to connect with end-users is the same as it was 50 years ago—face-to-face. So how can you simulate that experience in a marketplace that isn’t always local? Turn to video.

Video blogs

I’ve mentioned the benefits that blogs can offer to everyone in the channel: In short, they give you a way to position yourself as an expert, while putting a more personal face on the product or brand. Video blogs take that one step further by allowing end-users to see actual faces behind a VAR, vendor, or product line. Upload a two- to five-minute video blog to your site three times a week to supplement your current marketing, and watch your traffic spike. Make sure the information you cover is useful, interesting, and concise—same tenets behind a regular blog. Remember to also upload your video blogs to sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook.


A classic stumbling block in the channel is when VARs don’t know enough about a product to thoroughly answer questions from end-users. The responsibility to be well-learned about a product falls on both vendor and VAR, and a video answering frequently asked questions serves a dual purpose: training by the vendor to the VAR, and reliable information to the end-user. The video can be placed on the websites of both vendor and VAR and even given to end-users as supplementary information. 

Success stories

Ultimately, end-users want to know that the product you’re selling offers a real, measured benefit to them. One of the best ways to grow their trust is to point them toward other satisfied end-users. Why not ratchet the typical testimonial up a notch by recording it on video and offering it through your site? Once prospective buyers see the success others have had with the product, their interest level will become much more serious.

Do you use video in your marketing? In what ways and with what results?


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