It’s time to make movies

How many emails have you received lately with a link to a YouTube video included? Or what about the Facebook posts you see that include YouTube videos from the Olympics, American Idol, or just something crazy and quirky? Online video has simply exploded and will continue to do so over the next few years. eMarketer and BtoBOnline reported last month that marketers will spend $5.2 billion in online video advertising in the next three-plus years, up from just $1.0 billion last year. The biggest stat, however, shows that online video has shown the largest spending growth compared to other online formats, which means more and more people are learning, gathering information, selling, and buying through videos, webinars, podcasts, and online tutorials. They’re popping up in online ads, on social media sites and on company websites. Creating online video is fairly easy and economical and may offer a tremendous ROI because of its viral marketing capabilities. What will your next online video be about?

One thought on “It’s time to make movies

  1. This is so true… the web is full of videos of all kinds, and there are here to stay. Online video advertising is key to adding impact to your message, especially when done “right” — short, to the point, entertaining or at least attention grabbing — compelling people to the next step, clicking your link and/or reading details at your site.

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