4 Areas of Focus for Success

This article is focused around how agencies focus and support clients.  However you can apply these 4 elements to any task for efficiency and effective outcomes.

4 areas of focus:

  1. Listening – understand what’s needed (underlying needs / wants)
  2. Focus – understand the root of needs and complete those first – especially if projects have a fast turn
  3. Avoid useless internal meetings but never customer meetings – increase operational efficiency – hold the team accountable
  4. Launch and iterate – also considered “publish” – we may see this when products release software with bugs and then send out updates so they can get product out ASAP (or before a competitor can gain position

Article Highlights:

  • Ask a client for a list of likes and dislikes so you can learn its aesthetic quickly
  • Eliminate unnecessary internal meetings, but never client meetings
  • Launch projects with the basics first, then add additional features, if you even need to

Click here to read the original article


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