The value of Friends

Have you seen all the talk about the hundreds of friends, connections, or followers they have on their social networking pages. Of all those “Friends”, how many have any real value? And how many “Followers” are retweeting you? It’s great for them to do the easy one-click to follow you, but are they reading your tweets and passing them along to spread the word?

In the social networking world, when it comes to business, quality trumps quantity every time. As you seek to grow your network, proceed with the idea that you want to cultivate relationships with people who share your interests (particularly in your product or service). Your friends, followers, fans, and connections are part of your community. Ask yourself, “Who would I invite to a company party?”

Consider your goal with your social media. Develop your strategy around that. Are you hoping to build brand awareness? Who is the desired audience? Who should care about what you have to say? Then seek out groups with like interests. Subscribe to blogs and post comments. Make yourself seen and heard by the people who will matter.

It’s not just about finding potential customers either. Look for movers and shakers where you can tap into their large following. Consider individuals who might be able to refer business to you, like colleagues, vendors, ISVs, and others in your industry.


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