Have you voted for your favorite Idol?

On AmericanIdol.com, there is a tab button in the nav of the website called “mobile.” Partnering with AT&T, Idol-lovers can chat via text messages with their favorite participants, download and receive trivia on their mobile device, and most importantly, vote for their favorite singer. American Idol is just one of many examples of how mobile marketing is being used more and more in the marketing mix. iPhone and smart phone apps make it easier for us to reach far beyond that of a direct mail database.

While American Idol may use mobile marketing in a grandiose way, there are simple tips you can integrate into your marketing mix to reach your current channel partners, as well as prospective customers, vendors, and more. Integrating text messages and mobile marketing into your channel sales meetings and live events are just a few ways to keep your stakeholders updated in real time. If you’re at an event, sending out updates to your social network sites and blogging will keep those who can’t be there, in the know. A friend of mine is at the Olympics, and her Facebook posts are ones I look forward to daily, simply because she’s there and I’m not. She offers a real-time perspective of the Games by using her iPhone that you can’t possibly access by watching the television coverage. Think of creative ways to use mobile marketing and watch your following continue to grow.


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