March Madness brings online madness

In the sporting world every March, there is no question that sports junkies are online checking out scores, schedules, team stats, and commentator blogs to learn the latest scuttlebutt in the world of athleticism. As the famed NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (also known as March Madness) takes to the courts, a new report by Unicast suggests that more than 50 percent of fans will watch March Madness online or on some sort of mobile or digital device. While the majority of people will still catch the games on the networks or stations like ESPN, their counterparts, like will cash in on the online overflow. Which makes me wonder: what happens on an annual or bi-annual basis for VARs that draws large crowds of customers, vendors and channel partners, where we could capitalize on online exposure in addition to our traditional marketing mix? Do you host a training session each year “live” that could be offered simultaneously online through a podcast? Are there marketing initiatives on which you could collaborate with partners that could also feature an online component? In this nanosecond technological world, it is critical that you marry your traditional plans with digital ones for maximum exposure. Just look at March Madness—it’s crazy!


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