If you can’t grab market share, is it because of you or the market?

I read an interesting article the other day on Channel Web that reported the behemoth Microsoft claiming that the reason they’re not doing well in search and mobile markets is simply because the markets need fixing. One of their solutions to gain market share and try to win a slice of the pie was to suggest that the search market is too bogged down with information, and their new product, Bing, is the solution. This whole scene reminds me of a nasty political campaign, where one politician starts mudslinging, suggesting that his competitor candidate didn’t vote a certain way on a bill or has some dirty laundry that needs airing. The trouble with this approach is that it’s negative. Much too often we go after the competition, trying to highlight their misfortunes or weaknesses. As a result, the one slinging the mud may end up knee-deep himself. Instead, why not look at the market and then reflectively explore some real reasons why you’re not competitive in it? Then create solutions that will allow you to enter a market more successfully. If Bing truly is a better solution than Google (which is questionable since Google owns about 65 percent of the market share) then showcase the benefits of Bing, not the weaknesses of Google. Tout your differences. Shout out your value proposition. If these are really as solid as you believe them to be, you’ll earn positive acknowledgement within the market and begin to build better brand awareness.

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