Optimize for Google in 2010

Article Highlights:

  • Purchase intent increases with a presence in both top organic and top sponsored listings, even for branded queries
  • The Caffeine update will focus on speed, so ensure your site loads quickly
  • Blogs and social media marketing are moving up in Google search results pages

Four areas you can work on for more visibility in Google.

  1. Caffeine is FAST – make sure users can navigate your site quickly and easily.  Test in many browsers.
  2. More integration of real-time data … users view live updates from social media sites, headlines from news articles, and blog posts published in real-time for relevant searches.  Because of the prominence of real-time search content in the results pages, it is now more important than ever for companies to have a social media presence, create new content for relevant social media sites on a regular basis, and optimize that content with SEO best practices.
  3. Videos get more attention than other media.  Google is moving video up in the results. When considering video, plan to create content that is worth sharing and of high quality. Optimize with keywords in the video file name, title, tags, and the URL.
  4. Link Bait – Blogs and social media marketing are excellent ways to create natural links to your site.  Before creating your link bait, make sure your site or blog has fresh content that’s visually appealing and is well organized with good navigation.

Summary:  Make it easy for people to share and propagate your content by providing a catchy, descriptive title. Provide a succinct summary paragraph at the beginning of your content so they know at a glance what it’s about. Also, provide convenient share buttons to tweet, re-tweet, or share on Facebook.

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