Will the iPad deliver its hype or cause a PR predicament?

Apple could be setting itself up for a PR nightmare. According to an article in Channel Web, Apple began taking pre-orders for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad recently. And with all the hype surrounding the new iPad—and the hysteria that it may not be all that it’s cracked up to be, unlike the iPhone—Apple is treading a fine line in the PR world between making a great branding splash or diving into an empty tank. On April 3, a Saturday, customers who pre-ordered online were able to pick up their new iPad at Apple stores, where limited quantities will also be sold. On one hand, the publicity here could be fantastic—standing early on or even the night before in long lines similar to what we used to see at record stores when music lovers were trying to purchase a concert ticket. Local networks will eat it up as they look for filler weekend stories. But according to Channel Web there are rumors that demand might outweigh supply. And this could be just one of the many PR nightmares the computer giant faces. Expectations are high and many believe the iPad should be the next great thing after the iPhone. But if they can’t even get through the pre-order and launch date cleanly, they just might be headed for a marketing mishap.

Apple has done it again!  The iPad joins Apple’s marketing machine with another fantastic launch.  When I went to the Apple store on Monday … I was so excited to find out that they had received a new shipment.   For those naysayers who are looking for Apple to tumble – you’ll have to keep waiting.  Keep going Apple!  Create the future, stimulate creativity and free our imagination.  Make the future now.


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