Apple’s new tablet: Brilliance or bomb?

Why is it that when Steve Jobs steps up to a microphone, there’s a collective hush—followed by a buzz—among technology industry watchers? Perhaps because they’ve been rewarded with such techno-brilliance as the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and iTouch. And now, the product launch of the iPad. For months, rumors had been flying that this new creation is (a) genius; (b) over-rated; (c) a sure winner; (d) a challenge to learn; (e) too small.

What I love about Apple is how they turn every product launch into a major event. Before it hit the market, the iPhone had gadget-mongers salivating—so much so that they waited for hours in lines in order to pay upwards of $600 (plus the added monthly fees) to be one of the first to explore this uncharted technology. Apple reflects of culture of innovation, from product development to marketing to support. They have succeeded where competitors failed. And in spite of the recession, they continue to post rising sales, even though Apples and Macs are priced higher than PCs.

Apple is a true innovator but their marketing is nothing that you can’t replicate. All you have to do is start listening to your customers and stop believing that you know everything. Find out what your market craves and deliver it to them. And, like Apple, make a big noise while doing it.


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